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After a long career as a college professor that took me to Pittsburgh, Boston, State College, PA and to universities in Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific, I have returned to my hometown of Cincinnati, OH. I am now at work on a variety of academic and creative writing projects. I am also an active community advocate, speaking and consulting about diversity and inclusion.

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About Me:

Eileen Trauth is an author, inclusion advocate and Emeritus Professor of Information Sciences & Technology, and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies at The Pennsylvania State University. Her writing, speaking, outreach and advocacy activities focus on the skills and knowledge of the information technology (IT) profession, and the underrepresentation of women and 

In the News:

Eleen was cited in "Why Women Are Missing out on the Tech Boom" published online in Slate Magazine.

other marginalized groups within it. She has conducted research in Europe, Africa, the Asia Pacific, and throughout the United States with grants from the Fulbright Foundation, the National Science Foundation, Science Foundation Ireland and the Australian Research Council. She has published several books and hundreds of scholarly papers. She has served on the scientific advisory boards for three European Union gender projects, edited the Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology, is past editor-in-chief of Information Systems Journal, and founded the Association for Information Systems special interest group on social inclusion. Her play, iDream, which was funded by an NSF grant, is based on her research about barriers to inclusion in the information technology field. She now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2017 Dr. Trauth was appointed by the Hamilton County (Ohio) Board of Commissioners as an inaugural member of the Commission on Women and Girls.

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